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Bernhard Rothfos Instant Coffee trades all varieties of instant coffee in both regular and decaffeinated forms:

  • Freeze Dried
  • Spray dried (commonly referred to as "Powder")
  • Agglomerated (commonly referred to as "Granules")
  • Liquid Extract
  • Cold Brew Coffee

Organic and Fair Trade soluble coffees are also available.


Bernhard Rothfos Instant Coffee has a long experience of quality and therefore quality control; ensuring that the desires of our customers with reference to the taste profile are met. Our strong relationships to manufacturers worldwide enable us to work in refining products so that they meet the final consumers' desire; research and development are key issues with reference to an ever evolving market.

Bernhard Rothfos Instant Coffee can offer all varieties of instant coffee in bulk i.e. cartons of 25kg or in packed derivatives such as 100g tins or glass jars.